Monday, February 16, 2009

Little tears of joy

little tears of joy:
run down my eyes:
when in front of me she stands:
both our hand in hands :
when i look into her eyes:
then i soon realize:
my love is within her :
and my heart is filled with her:
her smile so sweet and lips so red:
her presence maked me strong as a steed :
for being with her was my desire:
for her i would even burn in fire:
when i now look back down the lane:
my heart is lost in a pile of pain:
for she is no more to share or joy:
i spent my days sailing seas - ahoy :
left this world but a ache in my heart:
she had done with her part:
crossing the roads looking at me :
a speeding truck took her away from me :
now the tears of joy aint no more :
all the time its the thoughts and pain i bore:
now i have only sad tears to flow :
and me trying to get back,
my little tears of joy!!~~!!

YEH DOSTI !!~~!!

dosti ki nayya mein savaar,
dil ke sagar mein agar,
toophan bhi aaye toh na ghabraana,
zindag ke safar mein aapke saath hai hum,
aagey hi aagey badhte jaana....
ghabraye hue rahon mein na thum jaana,
dosti ke naam pe humey yaad karte rehna,
aapki maddad ke liye aasmaan se toot padengey,
dosti ka sahara lekar zindagi paar karayengey,
dukhi din ya ho soona pal,
dil ke kareeb rahengey har pal,
yaad humey karna tab,hasin ki tunko talaash ho jab,
uththe girte rahon mein,
toote bikhrey sapnon se ,
zindagi mein na akele ho tum,
dosti ki hai saath rahengey hum,
kamzori ka ehsaas na hone dengey,
baisakhi bankey saath rahengey,
zindagi ke har safar ,
har dagar mein,dosti ka saath nibhayengey...........


A friend needs to know
No matter how far apart
That they always will
Have a place in your heart
A friend needs to know
Just how much you care
And they need to know
You'll always be there
A friend needs to know
They have your love and trust
And they need your respect
Like a pie needs a crust
A friend needs to know
That they have your ear
Should they need to talk
To ease their burdens or fear
A friend needs to know
That you have their back
Should they fall in a slump
You will help pull up the slack
A friend needs to know
Through good times and bad
That you'll be there for them
To cheer them up and make them glad


like monkeys we chatter..
but thats not a big matter,
cracking jokes full on sound...
but no laughter around...
thats the way it goes...
you, me and those silly poor jokes knows to laugh or to cry,
all they want is to see us die,
an ache in their head that shoots up fast,
all they wish - to breathe our last...
thats the way it goes..
you, me and those poor jokes expression shown by thy face,
irritation builds up with pace,
we think we carcked it in fun,
soon realize its time to run,
thats the way it goes,
me and those poor jokes
..without them our lives so empty..
becoz of them we fall like humty-dumpty.
baa baa black sheep selling its wool,
many of them consider us as fools...
twinkle twinkle little stars up so high,
all our life the poor jokes wont die,
thats the way it goes ,
me and those poor jokes


the sky blazing with thunder,
fires running through forests,
earth cracking coz of the quakes,
tsunami has a dread in its name,
volcanoes burning out the lives,
disaster brought by the tornado,
floods and drought with the paradox nature,
whirlpool destroy the underneath feature,
disasters and calamities are meant to happen,
seas are ruled by the ghostly kraken,
skies are burnt by the heavenly dragons,
nothing can be done of these ,
so help and be kind please .....
atoms and nucleus gave a new path ,
science has developed and burnt the hearts,
floods on humanity and volcanoes on love,
corrupting the mind and body within,
bombs and guns are easy to make ,
lives have become easy to take,
terror thriving upon the nations,
people live in fear and darkness...
naturally disasters cause unrepairable damage,
but nightmares are caused by terror,
lets all stand up and rise against it,
proud lets us feel and lets fight for it,
remove the darkness and spread the lights,
lets make them remember our might,
at this time let us pledge you all ,
lets make it true


burning flames ,
shores crashing ,
ice melting,
heavens falling,
dried leaves,
and dead trees,
crushing souls and here we stand,
walking down the streets ,
distant memories,
that pleasent time
and the lovely place ,
heaven was here and now no more,
these are forever
buried now in the past,
construction and destruction in the minds,
searching for peace
but where to find,
concrete forests developing ,
nature and its beauty
sacrificed,love, nature ,
belief are all now late,
life is all upon ones fate,
unity is not what we understand,
a top hence we dont stand,
rise up from the sleep atleast now,
think abt the world
followed by how ,
present days are not a dream,
but lets make it one thats all i scream,,...

qualities of love

Love is like magic
and it always will be
For love still remains
life's sweet mystery
Love works in ways
that are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
that love cannot change!
Love can transform
the most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
and sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish
understanding and kind
For it sees with its heart
and not with mind
Love is the answer
that everyone seeks
Love is the language
that every heart speaks
Love can't be bought
it is priceless and free
Love, like pure magic
is life's sweet mystery!

feeling the pain and meeting death....

Dark clouds rain on my head,
empty thoughts,
cracking thunders;
blurred vision,
unconscious self,
vagueness spreading,
endless darkness,
cold and numb,
weak and broken,
body trembling,
heart breaking,
illusion- confusion strange with doubt,
sinking fate, faith betraying,
rising desire burning in fire ,
demons dreaming, freezing feeling,
hope fading , life ending,
greed, demon,
truth and trust paradoxes,
falling , failing ,
thinking and loosing,
thoughts and dreams flowing,
waiting for help :
to be back on my feet,
see the sun and shine as a bead,
then a hand with fear and hope,
rising with a new beginning,
leaving behind hell and
taking birth again,
to live and let live
to love and let love ...........

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Friendship is love,

Without friendship

love means nothing!

Without friendship

love is empty…

Without friendship

love is boring...!

Friendship means


People learn

to share from friendship,

Share everything

they have in life,

Friendship is like stars,

Even though

we always see them together

Always mean to each other…


Sometimes they argue!

Friendship is like flower,

Soft but strong!

Friendship is like sun,

Bright and beautiful!

Friendship is everything in life,

Life without friendship

is like life without air…

Life without friendship

is like eats without food

AndLife without friendship

is like body without soul…

Friendship is wide!

Anybody can be our friend,

Our parents,

our grandparents,

our sister,

our brother

and even our school principal!

Friendship….Is everything!

My Wish For You

My Wish For You


sunshine on you today

A gentle wind caress you

As you walk along life's way.

As the day comes into view

And may each hour be blessed

With friendships fond and true.

,You reach your every goal

And at the ending of the day

May peace touch

your heart and soul.

Recipe For A Happy Marriage

Recipe For A Happy Marriage

Take a couple of whole months,

clean them thoroughly of all Bitterness,

Rumours, Hate and Jealousy;

in other words, make them as fresh and as clean as possible.

Now cut each month into 28, 30 or 31 different parts…

But don't make up the whole batch at once..

Instead prepare it

One Day at a Time.

Mix well each day:
One part of Faith,

One of Patience,

One of Courage,

One of Work,

Add one part each of:



Blend with:
One part Prayer,

One part Meditation

Good Deeds.

Season the whole with:
a dash of Good Spirit,

a sprinkle of Fun,

a pinch of Playa

cupful of Good Humor.
Pour all of this into a Vessel Of Love,

Cook thoroughly over Radiant Joy

Garnish with Smilesserve with Quietness,

Unselfishness and Cheerfulness
And you are bound to have a Happy Life.

Bharat ki beti...

agar aisa hai aapka vichaar,
To aazaad bharat ki beti,
kyun hain aaj bhi lachaar???
Janani hai jo sanskriti ki,
hai jo sabki sarjanhaar,
Use hi nahi mil pa raha
aaj janam lene ka adhikaar???
Dudh piti nahi to kya,
hai bhrun hatya ka vyabhichaar,
Kal ki mata ko aaj rond dena,
kahan ke yeh sanskaar???
Bharat ki beti ke tan par hi nahi,
ho raha ruh par bhi balatkaar,
Aur kehte ho unnati-sheel hain hum,
kaisa yeh vikaar???
Chand ko jeet liya jisne,
us bharat ki beti gayi hai haar,
Aaj bhi nahi hone de raha,
yeh samaj uske sapne sakaar???
Aankhon mein aanshu hai uske,
dil mein gam beshumaar,
Aur jagat kehta hai,
uske haalaat mein hai sudhaar???
Aaj bharat ki beti puch rahi,
batado is baat ka saar,
Na rahungi jab main,
kya chala paoge yeh sansaar???

You Are A.......................

The only way you can
successfully communicate
and relate to other people,
is to like yourself.

The more you like yourself,
the more others will like and accept you.

many people have experiences
in their past that
leave them feeling unworthy,
incapable and embarrassed.

That is all over now.
It is in the past.
The reality is that
you're an expressive,
gregarious person,
if only you'll let yourself be.

It doesn't matter what someone
has said about you in the past.
It doesn't matter what short
comings you have previously experienced.
That is all history.

What matters is what you do
from this point forward.
Realize that you are a worthwhile,
valuable person with an enormous
contribution to make.

Find the best within yourself
and feel good about
the person you are.

You are a special person...


Do din ki zindagi ka maaza hum se poochiye

Bhoole hai rafta rafta unhe muddataoo mein hum
Khistoy mein khud kushi ka maaza hum se poochiye

Aghaaz aashiqui ka maaza aap jaane
Anjaam aashiqui ka maaza hum se poochiye

Hasne ka shouk hum ko bhi tha aap ki tarah
Haase magar haasi ka maaza hum se poochiye

Woh jaan hi gaye ke haame unse pyaar hai
Aankkhon ki maqbari ka maaza hum se poochiye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohabbat ne aaj hamko rula dia,

Nice Msgs; I wrote it for U...

Mohabbat ne aaj hamko rula dia,
Jis par marte the usne hi bhula dia,
Hum bhi uski yaad bhulane ke liye peete gaye,
Ek din bewafa ne usme bi zehar mila diya...

Sanso se pyari yaaden hai tumhari,
Dhadkan se pyari baate hai tumhari,
Tumhe yakin ho ya na ho,
Is zindagi se pyari dosti hai tumhari...

Is dil se door vo jate bhi nahi,
Haqiqat me vo pass ate bhi nahi,
Oro ke liye to woh raat bhar rote hai,
Or mere liye muskurate bhi nahi...

Kya kahu ki kuch kaha nahi jata,
Dard mitha hai saha nahi jata,
Pyar ho gaya hai is kadar apse,
Bina yaad kiye apko raha nahi jata...

Soch ke tumhare bare me muskurate hai hum,
Sab ko kahani apki sunate hai hum,
jab B yaad karte hai apko dost,
Sari duniya ko us waqt bhul jate hai hum...

$$_ Nice Msgs _$$

Pyar vo humko beshumar kar gaye,
phir zindagi me humko tanha kar gaye,
chahat thi unke ishque me fana hone ki,
magar vo laut ke ane ko bhi mana kar gaye....

Pyar a jata hai aakhon me rone se pehle,
Har khwab tut jata hai sone se pehle,
Ishq hai gunah ye samajh gaye hum,
kash koi rok leta hone se pehle...

Zikar unka hi ata hai fasane me,
jinko jaan se jada chaha humne jamane me,
Tanhaiyo me unki yadon ka sahar mila,
Nakamiyab rahe jinhe hum bhulane me...


From my husband to me...

I never knew how it would be

To have someone like you

To dream my dreams with every day

To tell my troubles to.

Someone to love and cherish

To tell me that you care

A love so strong and wonderful

Forever we can share.

When we are not together

And embrace the way we do

I count the minutes of each day

Until I can be with you.

I am so thankful that we met

And fell in love together

I love you dear with all my heart

Right now and always forever.

क्या लिखूँ

क्या लिखूँ
कुछ जीत लिखू या हार लिखूँ
या दिल का सारा प्यार लिखूँ
कुछ अपनो के ज़ाज़बात लिखू
या सापनो की सौगात लिखूँ
डूबते सुरज को देखूँ
या उगते फूल की सान्स लिखूँ
वो पल मे बीते साल लिखू
या सादियो लम्बी बaत लिखूँ
मै तुमको अपने पास लिखू
या दूरी का ऐहसास लिखूँ
मै अन्धे के दिन मै झाँकू
या आँन्खो की मै रात लिखूँ
मीरा की पायल को सुन लुँ
या गौतम की मुस्कान लिखूँ
बचपन मे बच्चौ से खेलूँ
या जीवन की ढलती शाम लिखूँ
सागर सा गहरा हो जाॐ
या अम्बर का विस्तार लिखूँ
सावन कि बारिश मेँ भीगूँ
या आन्खो की मै बरसात लिखूँ
गीता का अॅजुन हो
जाॐ या लकां रावन राम लिखूँ
मै हिन्दू मुस्लिम हो जाॐ
या बेबस ईन्सान लिखूँ
मै ऎक ही मजहब को जी लुँ
॰॰॰या मजहब की आन्खे चार लिखूँ
कुछ जीत लिखू
या हार लिखूँया
दिल का सारा प्यार

For my only loving husband

I Love you,

Only you...

I never felt a love

Like this before

It's a love like no other

Something I have always hoped for

A love that is beautiful

From the inside out

A love with no tears,Pain,

or doubtA love with soul

So tender and true

A love that

I have found

Only in you...

I love you...

Only you.

You are everything to me and You will always be.............

I see you as a beautiful women of Kindness and love,
With a big heart for others that your always thinking of.
I love how you smile and it makes your eyes shine and twinkle,
Or your laugh when its funny if its not just a wrinkle.
You mean more to me than anything in life ,
I'm happy the God did make you my wife.
My heart sings songs of happiness when I'm in your heart,
And cries out for your love when we are apart.
I just need you to know that I always am here,
I will never leave your heart nor create any fear.
I have no words to express my Love,
You are everything to me and You will always be.............

JAb Yaad Meri Aye ...

JAb Yaad Meri Aye
To Rukna Mat
Mere Paas Laut Aana
Jab Raat Ka Diya Bhuj Jaye
Or Kuch Saaf Nazer Na Aye
To Derna MatMere Paas Laut Aana
Jab Bin Badal Barsat Ho Jaye
Or Tumhien Raasta Na Mil Paye
To Udaas Mat HonaMere Paas Laut Aana
Jab Saas Ki Doori Toote
Or Koi apna Tumhien Lotey
To Mayyoos Mat HonaMere Paas Laut Aana
Jab Dil Tumhara Toote
Or Kisi Ka Sath Tum Se Chote
To Aanso Mat BahanaMeri Paas Laut Aana
Apni Khushi Se Chor Ke Gayi Ho
TumMere Jazbat,
Pyar,AitbarKo Tor Ke Gayi Ho Tum
Phir Bhi Meri Yaad Agar Aye
Or Aankhien Tumhari Bher Ayein
To Shermindah Mat Hona
Mere Paas Laut Aana!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


To realize the value of a sister:

Ask someone who does not have one.

To realize the value of ten years:

Ask a newly Divorced couple.

To realize the value of four years:

Ask a graduate.

To realize the value of one year:

Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of one week:

Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one hour:

Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of one minute:

Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one- second:

Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize the value of one millisecond:

Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Times waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more

when you can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend:

Lose one.

~ Thank You ~~!~~

When burdens are heavy to carry
You stretch out a hand.

When I feel that I can't make it,
You show me that I can.

In everything you stand by me,
When others turn away.

And all the things you've done for me,
In my heart will stay.

If in this world, there were no you,
It would be so drear.

The friendship that you offer is
So honest and sincere.

I know that I am better and,
I know I'm blessed by you.

I send these words of "Thank You",
For all the things you do.


Lovely poem- Waqt Nahi...

Har khushi hai logon ke daman mein,
Par ek hansi ke liye waqt nahi.

Din raat daudti duniya mein,
Zindagi ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Maa ki lori ka ehsaas to hai,
Par Maa ko Maa kahne ka waqt nahi.

Saare rishton ko to hum maar chuke,
Ab unhein dafnane ka waqt nahi.

Saare naam mobile mein hain,
Par dosti ke liye waqt nahi.

Gairon ki kya baat karein,
Jab apnon ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Aankhon mein hai neend badi,
Par sone ka waqt nahi.

Dil hai gamon se bhara hua,
Par rone ka bhi waqt nahi.

Paison ki daud mein aise daude,
Ki thakne ka bhi waqt nahi..

Paraye ehsaason ki kya kadar karein,
Jab apne sapnon ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Tu hi bata ae zindagi,

Is zindagi ka kya hoga,
Ki har pal marne valon ko jeena ka bhi waqt nahi.

Agar aapko achha lage to kuch alfaaz batana,
Warna phir aapke paas bhi waqt nahi...

Wish you a Smiling Day....





WILL NEVER LET YOU CRY......... ........




BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE NICE........ ......... ......





EVEN IF YOU ARE LEFT ALONE....... ......... ......




TWICE A DAY......... ......... ......... ........





Wish you a Smiling Day....

You R my life,my heart & my soul-For my loving husband...

Every day i wake up..
Just to spend one more day of my life with u

Every night that I go to sleep
Is only to dream about you

Every time I dress up well
Is for you to compliment me

Everytime a smile on my face
Indicates you presence near me

A smile is what comes naturally
The moment I c u or think about u

And also I cant help crying
When I am not with u..

My life is so beautiful
When we are together

Every second spent with u is precious
But I also understand it wont last forever..

Life is so short and so many things to do
We don't know abt tomo..and for rebirth I have no clue

I wanna spend every single day with you
And live happily to fullest today
Tomorrow may not just come at all
I don't want to have a regret in anyway

God has been great, to give me a gem like you
I want to preserve this gem in my heart and soul
I cant stay away without you
You are my life,my heart and my soul . . .


Why Did You Have To Leave?

The tears wouldn't stop
When I heard the news.
The pain filled my soul
As you slipped away.

Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn't you stay just a little longer?
I asked God why
But the answer never came.

I prayed you would come back
But I knew you wouldn't.
Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn't your heart get better?

The hurt beat like a drum
When you went to heaven.
The sorrow flowed through my body
When your hands let go.

Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn't you hold on?
I hoped it was only a dream
But I never woke up.

I wished I could bring you back
But it was only a wish.
Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn't God have let you stay?

I will never know the reason
Why God took you away.
The pain may dull as the years pass
But my love will never fade.

I' am Happy You're In My Life

I Love you.

i have for you

I'am happy you are in my life.

Your Eyes

filled with mystery,

I wish you’d have them on me,

Your eyes,

filled with passion,

Flares with beauty’s incarnation.

Your eyes,

makes my darkest day bright,

If only I could look at them late at night

Your eyes,

tells me it’s a dream come true,

If only my other dreams were too.

Your eyes,

could always comfort me,

I wish, they’d be mine for eternity,

Your eyes,

makes eternity bliss,

Who could deny a miracle like this?

Your eyes,

soft dark, yet bright,

I love the way they tell me “it’s all right”,

Your eyes,

when you love,

fills with emotion,

They would enchant me into the deepest ocean.

Your eyes,

they tell me you don’t love me,

I hate the way your eyes can leave me lonely,

Your eyes,

the beauty I can never understand,

These feelings embedded by the touch of your hand.

Your eyes,

it’s a secret I can never keep,

I have somehow fell in love so deep,

Your eyes,

how could God create this from above,

When he looked at you,

how could

He not fall in love?

Your eyes,

the window to your soul and heart,

They make me want to be with you,

never to part.

Your eyes,

surpasses the beauty of paradise,

The only silent unnoticeable bliss I have…

your eyes…

KUCH DIL SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koi tumse pooche kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena koi khaas nahi.!!!!!!!

!!!Ek dost hai kaccha pakka sa,

Ek jhooth hai aadha saccha sa.

Zazbaat ko dhake ek parda bas,

Ek bahana hai accha sa.

Jeevan ka ek aisa saathi hai,

Jo door ho ke pass nahin.

Koi tumse pooche kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena koi khaas nahi.

Hawa ka ek suhana jhonkha hai,

Kabhi najuk toh kabhi tufaano sa.

Sakal dekh kar jo nazrein jhuka le,

Kabhi apna toh kabhi begaano sa.

Zindgi ka ek aisa humsafar,

Jo samandar hai, par dil ko pyaas nahi.

Koi tumse pooche kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena koi khaas nahi.

Ek saathi jo ankahi kuch baatein keh jaata hai,

Yaadon me jiska ek dhundhla chehra reh jaata hai.

Yuh toh uske na hone ka kuch gam nahin,

Par kabhi-kabhi aankho se ansu ban ke beh jaata hai.

Yuh rehta toh mere tassavur me hai,

Par in aankho ko uski talaash nahi.

Koi tumse pooche kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena koi khaas nahin. "

My Painful Soul Will Be Set Free....


playing,partying wild,

life never felt as a big burden to me,

until one day,

the real life i got to see.

Like every heart that committed the crime,

even i fell in love as i grew up with time,

she was everything to me,my soul,

my heart, until one day,

she broke my little heart apart

Although i was getting stronger day by day,

my heart was getting weaker in it's own way,

even if i moved on,

my heart was not willing,

to forget the girl,

although she was killing.

I never wanted to take refuge in the knife,

the blood i lose could save another life,

even if i tried to fight standing up tall,

with the pain i would always slip and fall.

I never wanted to show my pain,

so i smile,

holding tightly onto my chest all the while,

waiting peacefully for death in the dark,

a new journey is waiting for me to embark.

I know there might not be another tomorrow,

atleast there will be an end to this sorrow,

that is killing me even if i wanted to live,

even if my weak heart i never wished to give.

For all these poems i write,

an end has come,

i'm going to heaven,

a place where i came from,

God or not,

i will forgive you from heaven,

for all the pain to my heart you have given.

what she meant to me,

she will never realize,

she could see my love only through her eyes,

she will find love again,

but not another me,


"My Painful Soul Will Be Set Free.."
True Friend

My Bouquet of Flowers

of friendship's faces.

Picked from so many,

wonderful and different places.

It suddenly came bursting,

with such delight.

How each one made up,

a most beautiful sight.

Though it has taken my life-time,

to add each one.

I know that still yet,

my task is not done.

For I shall continue to gather,

along life's pathway.

More radiant faces,

that I shall display.

But dear FRIEND!

This I want you to know.

It will be your flower,

the first that I show.

Thanks, for all the memories,

both of laughter and tears.

They will always be with me,

throughout the coming years.

Sunday, February 8, 2009



Us nay phir mera haal pocha hay.

kitna mushkil sawal pocha hay.

hichkion ka ajeeb lehja tha.

baat ko taal taal pocha hay.

tum mujay chor to na jao gay.

wastay daal daal pocha hay.

aansuon ki zuban men us nay.

jitna pocha kamal pocha hay.

kia mil saken gay hum dono.

muj say mera khyal pocha hay.

Never Let You Go

I have got a feeling so pure so alive,
that someone is so special in my life,
holding his hand i can walk throughout the world,
without caring about the world so cruel, so wild....

Arguments carry the love, the shout which sue,
but it always ends up in 3 words- I LOVE U,
the bonding of our love never ends in to break up,
because he loves me so much and the same i do...

My love for him cannot be written by this pen,
every moment we shared, all time we spent,
but i wanna make him feel how much i love him,
as he often expects me to show, to pretend...

I love you my jaan and this is no lie,
i love u so much despite of the fact that u make me cry,
but please never let me feel i dont deserve you- my love,
as it often makes me feel low, makes me feel to die...

The feelings we share, the love we hold,
your love, trust and purity makes me feel bold,
i love u, i love u and i love u -thats all i wanna let u know,
u r safe in my heart as i will never let u go....

To all moms

To All Moms...

Tera khayal dil se juda kar na paunga,Mai aansuwon ke beech bhi AB muskaraunga !

Ek naam de ke tune maalamal kar diya,Iss namm ko AB aakhiri dam tak nibhaunga !

Taskeen dil ki ho gayee bas ek lafaz me,Tere hi naksepa par sada sir jhukaunga !

Sab kuchh khuda se maang liya tujhko maang kar,Rab se duaa ke hath na AB feer uthaunga !

Rista e regjaar me paani ki ek boond,Katara e wafa mila nahi to mar hi jaunga !

Gar maa nahi to kya, hai yashoda tu hoobahu,Daman me tere chain ki bansi bajaunga !

Mujhko khuda na aaya kabhi raas e anuj,Maa mil gayee to khalk e khuda bhul jaunga !

Duniyaa ki sabhi rasmo riwazon ko tod kar,Agale janam me tera lal ban keaaunga !!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
Mother's Day par
Har maa ko Samarpit
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~