Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mother's Memory

A Mother's Memory
In my dreams I revisit,
All the bonds that we once knew.
I awake with empty feelings,
A void that's left from missing you.

There is no end to what I'd give,
If I could hear you say
My name, and ask me as you would,
Just how was my day.

Was I hungry, was I cold,
Was there needs that you could meet.
And if there was, through all your pain,
A smile replaced your grief.

To feel your touch or warm embrace,
"I love you," whispered in my ear.
No sweeter words, could there be spoken,
Than these words I hold dear.

I see you in the evening shadows,
Feel you gently in the wind.
Smell you in the flowers fragrance,
Your life for me will never end.

I hear your laughter, and singing softly,
Relive the memories from our past.
To me you were the dearest mother,
Your leaving's more than I can grasp.

Yet no bitter feelings linger,
Only wishes which can't come true.
I play back all I remember,
From the Mother of my youth.

by William mae