Thursday, February 18, 2010


I Don't Need To See You
To Love You
I Only Need To Know You're There

I Don't Need To Feel You
To Have You Touch My Heart
I Only Need To Know You Care

I Don't Need To Look Into Your Eyes
To Believe That This Is Real
I Only Need To Understand
What You Think And Feel
Love, It Is A Feeling
That Can't Be Seen

And Though,
I Would Love To Have You Here To Hold
Just By Having You In My Life
I Have Everything
I Love You

Yo'are Someone Special

With each day that passes
I find myself investing more and more
Into this relationship;
Faith, hope, trust,
and even my dreams....

If there were a reason to keep living,
I've found ten thousand in you....
This is what you've done to me,
And continue to do....

Because of this and more,
You're Someone Special In My Life

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Without You!

Without You!
When I came to you
I had nothing.
Then you offered
me your heart
and I had everything.
I could feel your soul
within mine.
My life had meaning.
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You became my reason
for being.
You were my dawn in
the morning.
You were my single star
on a clear night.
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You were the scent
of roses in the garden.
You made my life
as fresh as the air after
a spring rain.
You made me alive.

Without you I feel empty.
My morning is without
its dawn.
My night without
its star.
My soul has no
companion without
your love.

Together we are
Apart we are nothing.
Together we have meaning.
Together we are..ONE

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Laugh Is like a Silver Bell

Your laugh is like a silver bell:
Clean and light and free;
Just like the hours of happiness
Your friendship brings to me.
You're like a room of sweet wind chimes
Enlightened by a breeze,
Or like an open, grassy field
Dotted with old trees.
I'm grateful for the things you do,
But more for what you are:
A breath of clear, bright open sea,
Of life beyond the bar.

By Turlough O'Carolan.  Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

You Are to Me a Very Special Sun

You are to me a very special sun
That shines upon a world few ever see,
A world I'm shy to show to everyone,
That hides its urgent truth from even me.
Without your light it is a world of darkness;
Its heaven and its hell lie fast asleep.
With you as sole and sympathetic witness,
The words come forth from out my vasty deep.
And so I cannot be myself without you;
No one is whole without some loving friend.
There is a quiet joy in me about you
That lets me say what I need not defend.
Long may we serve each other to give light
To all the loveliness that haunts the night.

Sequenced by Curtis Clark, at The Internet Renaissance Band  .