Monday, March 8, 2010

I Feel All Of Them In You-JAMES T. ADAIR

I Feel All Of Them In You

There are women
so soft they can slide like silk

across your skin
Whose mouths are like rose petals
Whose tongues are like brandy
There are women
So gentle
Their whispers make you melt
Or who make you close your eyes
as a chill runs down your spine
and you wonder what was felt
There are women
So tender they warm your heart
with a word
never once feeling bored
There are women
Some so slender
Your arms slip right down their waist
And make you want to have a taste
There are women
So loving they stay on your mind
night and day
and it never goes away
There are women
So bright, they shine day and night
like a beacon, pure and white
There are women
so playful
all you want to do is laugh and play
even more on a rainy day
There are women
so friendly you can't help but stay
And miss them when they're away
There are women
so sporty you can take them on a run
and participate in any fun
There are women
So affectionate you cannot resist their charms
And find yourself ever in their arms
There are women
so deep your heart feels their touch
and wonders about them much
But it's funny the feeling that is shining through
I feel all of these women inside of you