Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some People

 Some people wait years
to find a love to hold
dear to their hearts. I'd
like to think I've done the
same with waiting for you.
I gave multiple minutes to unworthy
suitors, but none of that compares
to the months and months I want
to give to you.

Some people live their lives
in solitude. Making due with
friends and family, but
never having someone next
to them when morn turns
to eve. I'm more than glad
that I have you from January
to December and all over again.

Some people let others tear
them down instead of standing
strong. Some people but not me.
I'd walk barefoot through the Gobi
Desert just to hold your hand. Climb
Mt. Everest with a tank top and shorts
on just to see you smile. I'd live my
life alone for a hundred years if it
meant I could hold you for
one night.

Some people never know love or
kindness. Never get to stay up late
with a loved one. Never have anyone
to let their walls down to. Some people
never have anyone, but not me. I'm
that somebody that has you.

*For Shawn :] I love you ]
by Flower Child