Monday, February 16, 2009

feeling the pain and meeting death....

Dark clouds rain on my head,
empty thoughts,
cracking thunders;
blurred vision,
unconscious self,
vagueness spreading,
endless darkness,
cold and numb,
weak and broken,
body trembling,
heart breaking,
illusion- confusion strange with doubt,
sinking fate, faith betraying,
rising desire burning in fire ,
demons dreaming, freezing feeling,
hope fading , life ending,
greed, demon,
truth and trust paradoxes,
falling , failing ,
thinking and loosing,
thoughts and dreams flowing,
waiting for help :
to be back on my feet,
see the sun and shine as a bead,
then a hand with fear and hope,
rising with a new beginning,
leaving behind hell and
taking birth again,
to live and let live
to love and let love ...........