Sunday, February 8, 2009

Never Let You Go

I have got a feeling so pure so alive,
that someone is so special in my life,
holding his hand i can walk throughout the world,
without caring about the world so cruel, so wild....

Arguments carry the love, the shout which sue,
but it always ends up in 3 words- I LOVE U,
the bonding of our love never ends in to break up,
because he loves me so much and the same i do...

My love for him cannot be written by this pen,
every moment we shared, all time we spent,
but i wanna make him feel how much i love him,
as he often expects me to show, to pretend...

I love you my jaan and this is no lie,
i love u so much despite of the fact that u make me cry,
but please never let me feel i dont deserve you- my love,
as it often makes me feel low, makes me feel to die...

The feelings we share, the love we hold,
your love, trust and purity makes me feel bold,
i love u, i love u and i love u -thats all i wanna let u know,
u r safe in my heart as i will never let u go....