Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Painful Soul Will Be Set Free....


playing,partying wild,

life never felt as a big burden to me,

until one day,

the real life i got to see.

Like every heart that committed the crime,

even i fell in love as i grew up with time,

she was everything to me,my soul,

my heart, until one day,

she broke my little heart apart

Although i was getting stronger day by day,

my heart was getting weaker in it's own way,

even if i moved on,

my heart was not willing,

to forget the girl,

although she was killing.

I never wanted to take refuge in the knife,

the blood i lose could save another life,

even if i tried to fight standing up tall,

with the pain i would always slip and fall.

I never wanted to show my pain,

so i smile,

holding tightly onto my chest all the while,

waiting peacefully for death in the dark,

a new journey is waiting for me to embark.

I know there might not be another tomorrow,

atleast there will be an end to this sorrow,

that is killing me even if i wanted to live,

even if my weak heart i never wished to give.

For all these poems i write,

an end has come,

i'm going to heaven,

a place where i came from,

God or not,

i will forgive you from heaven,

for all the pain to my heart you have given.

what she meant to me,

she will never realize,

she could see my love only through her eyes,

she will find love again,

but not another me,


"My Painful Soul Will Be Set Free.."
True Friend