Monday, February 16, 2009

Little tears of joy

little tears of joy:
run down my eyes:
when in front of me she stands:
both our hand in hands :
when i look into her eyes:
then i soon realize:
my love is within her :
and my heart is filled with her:
her smile so sweet and lips so red:
her presence maked me strong as a steed :
for being with her was my desire:
for her i would even burn in fire:
when i now look back down the lane:
my heart is lost in a pile of pain:
for she is no more to share or joy:
i spent my days sailing seas - ahoy :
left this world but a ache in my heart:
she had done with her part:
crossing the roads looking at me :
a speeding truck took her away from me :
now the tears of joy aint no more :
all the time its the thoughts and pain i bore:
now i have only sad tears to flow :
and me trying to get back,
my little tears of joy!!~~!!