Monday, February 16, 2009


like monkeys we chatter..
but thats not a big matter,
cracking jokes full on sound...
but no laughter around...
thats the way it goes...
you, me and those silly poor jokes knows to laugh or to cry,
all they want is to see us die,
an ache in their head that shoots up fast,
all they wish - to breathe our last...
thats the way it goes..
you, me and those poor jokes expression shown by thy face,
irritation builds up with pace,
we think we carcked it in fun,
soon realize its time to run,
thats the way it goes,
me and those poor jokes
..without them our lives so empty..
becoz of them we fall like humty-dumpty.
baa baa black sheep selling its wool,
many of them consider us as fools...
twinkle twinkle little stars up so high,
all our life the poor jokes wont die,
thats the way it goes ,
me and those poor jokes