Monday, February 16, 2009


the sky blazing with thunder,
fires running through forests,
earth cracking coz of the quakes,
tsunami has a dread in its name,
volcanoes burning out the lives,
disaster brought by the tornado,
floods and drought with the paradox nature,
whirlpool destroy the underneath feature,
disasters and calamities are meant to happen,
seas are ruled by the ghostly kraken,
skies are burnt by the heavenly dragons,
nothing can be done of these ,
so help and be kind please .....
atoms and nucleus gave a new path ,
science has developed and burnt the hearts,
floods on humanity and volcanoes on love,
corrupting the mind and body within,
bombs and guns are easy to make ,
lives have become easy to take,
terror thriving upon the nations,
people live in fear and darkness...
naturally disasters cause unrepairable damage,
but nightmares are caused by terror,
lets all stand up and rise against it,
proud lets us feel and lets fight for it,
remove the darkness and spread the lights,
lets make them remember our might,
at this time let us pledge you all ,
lets make it true