Thursday, November 19, 2009

How many times...

How many times have we thought about quitting
aside the idea and dreams;
How many times we beat a retreat
the heart embittered by injustice;
How many times feel the weight of
responsibility without having anyone to share;
How many times we feel lonely,
even surrounded by people;
How often speak without being noticed;
How many times fighting for a lost cause;
How many times turn to
home with the feeling of defeat;
How often insist on that tear drop,
precisely at the time
need to look strong;
How many times we ask God
a little strength, a little light;
And the answer comes, be that as it may:
a smile, a look of complicity,
a little card, a ticket, a gesture of love;
And we insist, insists continue
to believe, in turn,
to share in being, in being;
And God bless us insists,
to show us the way:
That more difficult, more complicated, more beautiful.
And we're still going,
Why has a mission .. BE HAPPY!