Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Listened To My Heart

Listened To My Heart 

To reach for a soul and follow a path to a destiny, 
To stand in the shadows together,
To gather the pedals that fall, holding them together as one ,
To love at first glances, as eyes meet with each other , 

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To hold the one forever by ones side , 

Releasing the energy from within,
that held the meaning of two joined,,
Engaged in gentle words to embrace, 

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To hold the gentle smile as you meet my grace, 

This stands to my side for what I hold to love ,
Then you know when words can stand a hold on you,
you must hold to the heart, 

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Walk the destiny and survive the ups and downs , 

Gather all moments and follow the course , 
For the long journey of love, has been longing once traveled,, 
When I reached for what held my soul to another, 

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That's held by the sharing of ones heart with each other,

When all seems unfrozen inside and my love comes together,
The cold chill meets my soul , warmth plays pleasure to me,
This journey will come to a end, 

Then I will know, 
I have reached the end of this journey, my heart will follow 
Then do I know ,I'm in love , 
I must have listened to my heart ; 
For this love is the beginning ,,of what we now have ,