Sunday, November 29, 2009

Many say

Many say that I am arrogant;
Others feel that its my confidence,

Many say that I am impatient;
Others know that I will wait forever,

Many say that I am indecisive;
Others find a place in my vision,

Many say that I don't respect time;
Others see that I have none,

Many say I cannot walk along;
Others feel that its my ambition,

Many say that I don't know how to talk;
Others wait for me to speak,

Many say that I look ragged;
Others are able to see within,

Many say I didn't make friends;
Others know that I have lost many,

Many say that I must be the happiest;
Others feel my tears before I can shed them,

Many say I do not help them;
Others know that they even have my last breath,

Many say I cannot love;
Others read my eyes,

Many say I am not romantic;
Others feel that my silence expresses more,

Many say that I steel other's victory;
Others know how I got there,

Many say I am indisciplined;
Others know my rules,

Many say I have a dark future;
Others know darkest was what have passed,

Many know I am  ;
Others know "how" I am  .