Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Daddy.....

Please, Daddy, please be patient
Don't spank me and don't yell
I need your love and understanding
If I'm to learn things well.

Please, Daddy, spend some time with me
Let's have some fun and smile
Don't tell me you're too busy
I'm only little for awhile.

Please, Daddy, could you take my hand
And kindly show me things?
Please don't make me walk too fast
My little legs aren't wings.

Please, Daddy, would you read to me
Answering my questions as we go?
Please don't get impatient
How else am I to know?

Please, Daddy, if I make mistakes
Explain what I've done wrong
Don't just yell and punish me
It hurts me all day long.

Please, Daddy, if I make you proud
Please tell me when I do
You've no idea how much it means
Because I'm also proud of you!

Please, Daddy, won't you hug me lots?
Let's show how much we care
As I grow and learn each day
I need you to be there......