Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To All Dear Mothers

I am dedicating this poem to all our dear Mothers in the Universe.
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You are the one who dressed me up, for my first day at school
When I sobbed, yelled and screamed at you, you didn't say a word
And instead, took me to the stop and finally with great difficulties
When I some how sealed on a seat, you experienced eternal bliss in your heart
When the bus began to move, I looked back at your diminishing figure through window
Today when I' hve grown up to face the world, I have
realised why I did so, do you know why?
Because you were the one, who meant all-in-one
Gurukul,hostel and school for me
You were always there when nobody was around
you never gave me a handkerchief, when I sobbed
like a leaking tap
Instead you sat beside me till my moist eyes dried and all the pain was gone
Then you looked into the broken and depressed me
And said Realise your deeds, before you express what you feel
That's why today I'have grown upto, look at myself before pointing out at
some one.
You were always by my side, when I was wrong
To lead me the path, on which I am, supposed to finally walk
you read for me fairy tales and strories that thought me things till I
became capable enough to pick one from bookshelf
You bandaged me when I hurt, you nursed me when I was sick. But you
asked me to face it when I was hit.
You made me strong when I thought I was weak
As I grew up, you never considdred referring to anything to learn of the changes I went through
You were always aware of my secrets untold and all the
thoughts of my mind
If you still don't know who you are?
Ask the priest and he will tell you, you are God
Ask an orphan on the street and he will tell you you are his need
Ask a daughter or a son and they will tell you
You are mom Yes, the best teacher and love on the earth.
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"Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is right... It simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego .."
 "Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right..”