Tuesday, November 17, 2009

♥...WhaT Is L♥vE?...♥

What Is Love
Love  is much more than a single word
Experssed  in  an  emotional response
A  word   so  precious as pure love is
A  melodious  sound.
It  reaches  every single heart
Ready  and  open to receive
Not  taken  lightly, ignored
Neglected  and deceived.
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Love Is Pure
 Perfect  love comes from almighty God
Unblemished, wholesome and pure
A  miraculous  gift  recieved at birth
To  share forever more.

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ove Is Caring

We   meet a borther, hungry and cold

Lines  of  pain on this face~
We  stop, we look, do we walk by ?
Or  do we share with him God's grace.

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ove Is Helping
A   crumb of  bread , a dime, a touch
A  word  perhaps  showing compassion
How are you doing? Can I help ?
If  you want to talk, I'll sit and listen.

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ove Is Patient

Often  I  ask  for God's help

I  wait but  get no answer
I   realize  you are in great demand God
Am  I   dialing the wring number?
Love Is Silence

I   don't believe so my dear child

I   hear  every call in question
Maybe  you asked  with good intention
But did you forgot to listen ?
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Love Is Within
Still  your mind for a little while
Open  your heart to my vibration
When  you sense  peaceful stillness
You'll  hear  the answer  to your question

Love Is Wise
Deep  within each  living soul is
A  kowing  of sincere  wisdom
That  comes from a spirit on high
Where  God  lives in His Holy Kingdom.

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ove Is Believing

Faith  is a grace  we were all born with

A   blessing  we sometimes often need
It  is a power  we can all call on
If  we would only in God believe.

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God Is The Key

 Slowly the darkness of night will fade
Each  morning  God opens the shade
And  He  turns the key held in His hand
To  anothe dawn  so lovely and grand.

Each  new  day is  priceless and free

God's  beautiful  creations remain a mystery
But all these gifts are for you and me
We  know that God is the key
Oh  the  peace and  happiness we will
When  we put our trust in God and
Only  He  put our trust in God and  believe
Only  He can make all our fears  disappear
He is the key to all things we hold dear

God's  plans for us we will never know

But His many blessings continue to flow
Making  our life  brighter in every way
God is our key to heaven one day.
Glenna M.  Baugh

God  is  the  key to a brigh

Tomrrow for you and me
Quote by Gleena

And I say also unto thee, That thou art  peter  and upon  this rock I

I  will  build my church
and   the  gates of hell shall  not  prevail  against  it.
And  I  will  give  unto thee the key of  the  kingdom of  heaven and whatsoever  thou shalt bind on
earth  shall be  bound in heaven and
thou  shalt  loose on eath  shall be loosed in heaven
Then  charged  he his disciples  that they  should  tell no man that he was
Jesus  Christ.

Matthew  16: 18 - 20  KJV

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I  will say of the Lord , He is my
refuge and
My  fortress  my  God in Him will
I   Trust
Psalm  91:2.

When you pass through the waters , I will be  with you
And  when you pass through the rivers  they will  not sweep over you
When  you walk trough the fire
You  will not be burned the flames will  not set you ablaze
For I am the Lord  your God
The  Holy One Of  Israel
Your  Savior
Isaish  43 : 2 -3.